Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS), is heralded by many as the new wave in application software distribution. Following the maxim that "the Internet changes everything," many believe that traditional packaged desktop and enterprise applications will soon be swept away. Nextremer helps organizations manage Web-based, outsourced products and services that remove the responsibility for installation, maintenance and upgrades from over-burdened MIS staff. Nextremer facilitates the delivery, management and payment of software as a service rather than a product, with experience expertise gained we provide insight for our members who may be profoundly impacted by changes implied in the SaaS model.

Fulfill your business needs by achieving fast deployment of SaaS application or fully renovate your software package and convert it to a fully-functional and reliable SaaS application. This depends on your business strategy: quick-win go-to-market or ready-to-grow.

regardless of business strategy, Nextremer provides multi-tenant vendor-agnostic framework and SaaS administration blocks that helps saving a sizeable percentage of related source code.