Research and Development

Innovation is the key to create new business opportunities, Nextremer helps enterprises in researching future needs and leading edge technology with any strategic information such as IPR, standardization and industrial world movement.

Nextremer helps partners develop products relating to the future needs of the global market. The India offshore center in Nextremer is looking at developing next generation automobile products.

Nextremer helps clientele import and optimize complex algorithms and optimize them for performance enhancements, customization, feature addition and manipulations.As this much-awaited transformation in the R&D landscape transpires it has triggered an avalanche of exponential all-inclusive growth in the development of next generation features. The client can thus focus on R&D which would be his key forte whilst the development, importing, managing, testing, optimizing by parallel computing techniques etc. is abstracted and taken care off by Nextremer.

Generation Next Software

The recent advances in technologies, standards, and economic rationalizations have decisively breached challenges in the next generation software areas and have opened the floodgates for rapid development and go to market.

Nextremer has been a leading global software solutions provider having deep knowledge in the R&D domains gathered by evolving delivery practices in NLP, Machine learning, Image processing, CUDA and CFD verticals.