Remote Infrastructure Management

Gartner estimates that "70% of IT support for infrastructure services can be performed from a remote location" and "remote infrastructure management services can reduce labor costs by 10% to 50%, depending on the delivery location, resulting in a 3% to 30% overall net savings, excluding one-time transition charges." Nextremer backs its clients by setting up services that caters to clients IT infrastructural archival and backup management. Nextremer targets optimized RIMS which helps IT enterprises because of definite reduction in operational costs coupled with the added benefit of having best monitoring services giving real-time updates. Bolstered by these RIMS solutions, clients enjoy better visibility and be in complete control of their infrastructural requirements without requiring spending more on hiring extra labor or specialized personnel.

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Nextremer has a team of Database experts experience in managing database services for multiple systems and platforms. Nextremer offers services like maintenance of various databases & backups, taking care of database related issues like verifying the hot backups, extending table spaces as and when required and carrying out database purges.

Nextremer has a capability to support the client on Hardware and server configurations, network administration etc. We remotely operate and manage entire networks, servers and hardware as directed by clients. Nextremer can also formulate security policies to reduce network outages, improve throughput and optimize resource investments.

Nextremer application Support teams enable clients to focus on their core tasks by providing remote support for all key applications. Our teams offer basic Level 1 Support to Level 3 Technical Support and take proactive measures to ensure smooth, error-free functioning of all applications, by addressing the client requirements after a thorough study of their existing processes and systems, minimizing all the risks associated with an ad-hoc solution.

Services include :
  •    Re-processing log files.
  •    Handling backups.
  •    Monitoring and problem tracking of applications.
  •    OS level issue handling etc.

Nextremer is well versed in the remote management of both Windows & Linux (Open Source) based environments and servers.

Key Support Areas

  •   Operating System Administration
  •   Performance Monitoring of Servers
  •   Backup Management
  •    Version Management (Upgrade & Patch Management)