Native App Development

Nextremer has vast experience in developing native applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. We have developed native applications solely for phones, tablets and of course those that support both phones and tablets. Native applications provide the greatest performance and allow you to take full advantage of the native functionality of a device. Our team is always up to date with the latest best practices based on the newest operating system offered within each platform. Whether you are looking to develop a native application for a specific device and operating system or you are looking to support all operating systems for a specific platform – Nextremer has the experience and will work with you to deliver the right solution for your need.

We have worked extensively with both software vendors and enterprises to meet their native application development needs. We have experience working with companies to build just the client application to integrate into existing environment, as well as, developed the full end-to-end solution with the backend, API layer and client application.