Mobile Web

Around 2.5 billion people use mobiles, out of which nearly 32% surf the Internet on their mobile devices regularly and thousands are getting added daily. This astronomical growth is surely creating an imperative need of creating mobile compatible websites. Today, many consumer driven businesses and corporate establishments are predominantly dependant on online marketing and websites to sell their products and services. This has primarily been driving the demand for mobile compatible websites. Nextremer has extensive experience in developing scrupulous mobile-web platforms that encompass your existing web based systems and extend its complete functionality to all mobile and handheld devices. We help you make your website compatible to handheld devices by adopting stringent design and developments processes. We can design a customized mobile-compatible website so that your customers can have improved accessibility to your website on mobile devices. We make use of CSS that gives maximum compatibility and ensures an improved layout for the mobile website. Our mobile focused approach to website and web app design ensures that your website will look and feel great on a variety of screen sizes. With our experience building mobile apps, we also know how to leverage the mobile version of your site and package it into a downloadable app that users can install directly on their devices.