The Manufacturing industry is driven by intense competition, complex and globalized supply networks combined with the growing number of environmentally-conscious customers. With rapidly changing customer expectations and constant technological change, there is a need for quick product development and innovation. Increasing usage of embedded software in the product enables them to be more intelligent bringing with it the challenge of huge amount of equipment data that needs be processed and analyzed to produce meaningful insights.

To thrive in a fast-paced and relentlessly competitive business climate, enterprises have to run very tight ships. Manufacturing companies that leverage Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to integrate information flow across the chain of operations, finance, and management are realizing critical benefits in quality, productivity, continuous process improvements and bottom-lines.

  •   Production/assembly floor and engineering
  •    Accounting
  •   Production control
  •   Purchasing
  •   Configuration management
  •    Quality
  •    Manufacturing engineering
  •   Process engineering
  •   Research and development
  •   Testing

Companies and distribution channels compete more today on the basis of time and quality. Having a defect-free product to the customer faster and more reliably than the competition is no longer seen as competitive advantage but simply a requirement to be in the market.

A key aspect of supply chain management is the ability to make strategic decisions quickly based on accurate data, and this requires an efficient and effective information system.

Short product life cycles and rapidly changing technologies make product development time short. Our product life cycle and engineering solutions help in managing data and also building a component from the concept to the prototype stage in a fast manner. Developing new products not only help keep competition at bay, but also result in new business. Product development needs the requirements to be precise and thoughtful. Companies can relieve themselves from the continuous pressure of developing new products and combine with the experienced talent at Nextremer to get an edge in the highly competitive market

  •    Automotive
  •    Industrial manufacturing
  •    Semiconductor
  •    Medical and Pharma
  •    Consumer Electronics
  •    Hi-tech