Legacy Migration Services

The technologies to achieve legacy migration have evolved considerably in the last decade. Most of the processes are now automated with sophisticated workflow systems that help the migration team deliver the resulting application much more rapidly and with fewer teething troubles. However businesses need to asses, understand and map their legacy systems, as these are the key success factors for the migration project.

Nextremer categorizes Migration in 3 broad categories:

Straight Migration

In this instance a business moves an existing system to a different technology with all stock and barrels without any feature upgrades.


In this the business adds an external application interface that accesses and updates the same data that the current system accesses.

Migration with Upgrade

For this process the business migrates all the features, security, and data of the current system, as well as adding some new features.


Services offered

  •    With advent of development in virtualization and other supporting technologies, many data centers are coming up with cloud servers. They are providing physical resources like RAM, storage, CPU cycles as service bundles and are able to provision these resources on a real time basis making the users to pay exactly for what they use.
  •    Calculating ROI, crafting the right resources, strategize and determine the order and applications for migration.
  •    Technical Analysis and mapping of the legacy application environment as it exists today.
  •    Detailed Assessment of all Applications to categorize them for retirement, archival, sun-setting, consolidation or migration.
  •    Implementation project planning and preparedness, pricing and timelines, future platform sizing
  •    Posy assessment, Nextremer can confidently provide an accurate and very competitive price for the migration implementation
  •    End-to-end migration services from Requirements Gathering, Development and Testing, Data Migration, and Deployment
  •    Data migration with internal or open source tools
  •    Cost conscious migration implementation to open source technologies. Capability to deliver legacy application migration projects in the world. Our migration processes are mature, our migration staffs are permanent and experienced FTEs, and we invest in the migration tools to effectively move your data to the new platform.
  •    Cost effective post-migration support and maintenance services for any applications we migrate
  •    Our expertise in open source data migration tools reduces cost and simplifies the project to a great extent.