Hybrid App Development

At Nextremer, one of our specialties is building cross-platform solutions for clients who would like to support multiple platforms. Building apps in this fashion has many pros and cons, but in an ideal project it provides clients with a single code base that has been customized to support multiple platforms. Hybrid development is for clients who would like to support multiple platforms. This allows clients to build cross-platform applications based on a single code base. Tools such a Xamarin, PhoneGap, and Titanium are often used to meet these needs. We have experience with these tools and also building custom frameworks in house. The best approach is defined by the scope of the project and specifically the functionality and purpose of the application.

If you're considering building a mobile app, it is important to consider your options. When we work with clients, we work closely to understand their needs, then evaluate options to determine if a cross-platform (or hybrid) approach is suitable. We have done projects on all extremes of the spectrum and are happy to share our experiences.